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Uplifting Living condition of the community in the division through efficient, sustainable and well planned development process with public engagement, service delivery and resource coordination, in line with the government policies.

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History of Kuruwita Divisional Secretariat

 Kuruwita  divisional  secretariat division is located in Ratnapura district in the Sabaragamuwa Province.Kuruwita divisional secretariat division is located in the boundaries of Ratnapura, Kiriella, Ehaliyagoda,Dehiowita and Daraniyagala divisional secretariat  divisions.It is from North ,Ehaliyagoda,Dehiowita and Daraniyagala from East Ratnapuara from West Kiriella and  from South, Ratnapura and Kiriella.  Kuruwita  divisional  secretariat division is covered 172.83 square k.m. land area . This divisional secretariat division is the 13th largest among the 17 divisional secretariat division has 39 Grama Niladari (G.N) divisions and 101 villages.
             This divisional secretariate division  is located mainly close to the Samanala Kanda and is surrounded from some small mountains. This division is surrounded from those beautiful circle of mountains . This D.S. division is located among 5.41-6.52(141-185 K.M) North atitides and 90.15-80.28(141-165 K.M) Estern Longitides  and among 1000 To 3500 feet high from the see level . This area is normally flat and high lands. Kurugaga and Bopath fall  are flowing through this area. Soil erosion is occurred highly in this area, because of the flood situation and the gem mining.
              In considering the climate situation of this division , It shows low mid country wet zone  climate. Heavy  rainfall receive to this area in the North-West  Monsoon season. In this season , some of low lands  in this divisional secretariat division are affected flood .Some high lands are affected landslips in this rain season.
              Total population is about 98345  in this D.S. division and is covered 39 G.N. divisions and 101 villages . Most of this populations are farmers and they are on dependable level. This is not commercial  level farming . Farmers are involved in plantation  sector on middle level ,like tea, rubber and coconut . Some small and medium industries are situated in this are base on plantation sector. Light engineering , Carpenter , Mason , Electrical and Electronic ,Bricks and Clay production ,Handicraft plantation ,Gem mining and cutting and Gem& Jeweler industries can be seen in this D.S. division.


Role performed at DS   

Name From To
Mr. K.P.Jayasena  1992.08.29        1994.11.29
Mr. Jayanthasiri Bandaragama              1994.11.22     1995.11.19
Mr. Gamini Dharmasena                      1995.11.20  2001.06.21
Mr.K.K.Gunapala                          2001.06.21 2001.11.15
Mr.K.T.Amaradasa                       2001.11.15 2002.04.19
Mr.K.D.Dayarathna                        2002.04.24 2002.05.14
Mr.Basil Perera                           2002.05.15 2003.01.22
 Mr.W.P.Wijerathna                      2003.08.04 2007.07.01
 Mr.W.D.Karunarathna                       2007.07.01 2012.02.20
 Mr.M.W.Kulathilaka                      2012.05.09 2015.02.28
 Mr.A.S.J.Godallawaththa                      2015.05.03 2017.02.14
 Mrs.Dilini Dharmadasa          2017.02.15

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